The creation and exploration of art has been a life long love  --  the process of painting colors on canvas, drawing on paper,
and cutting on wood and printing.  When I look at my work I remember my making of it.  The craft allows for the meditation and
dictation of feelings, stories, and ideas.  Words require a beginning and end  --  structure and logic.  Art remains open to
mystery and contradictions.

The human body provides inspiration for most of my work.  It is beautiful  --  in the image of God.  But, we also find it
grotesque  --  blood, guts, fluids, etc.  It’s inner-workings  --  giving us nothing-less than life  --  are extraordinary, but it’s
failure creates great pain and fear.

Our bodies also hold a physical history as individuals  --  with scars, aches, appearances, movement.  A vessel for our selves.
2017 Prince Street Solo Show Images
Jennifer Madeley Dunn
Fine Art
713 502 7569
Current Event:
Solo Show
Prince Street Gallery
New York City

April 25th - May 20th

Opening Reception:
Thursday, April 25th
6 to 8 pm

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